In the fall of 2004 five local Marine Moms met through the internet.  Emails were and are great but didn't fill all of our support needs.  In February of 2005 we met for lunch.  It was a time for Marine Mom hugs, chit chat, laughter, tears and more Marine Mom hugs.  You see, we each had a Marine son in harms way in Iraq.

    We decided to meet on the third Saturday of the month for support and lunch.  In between times we burned up the phone lines and cyber space to share good news about our Marine and our worries.

    Since only two of us lived within the Tucson City limits we came up with the name Tucson Area Marine MomS ..... better known as TAMMS.

    After several months we contacted the Tucson Marine Recruiters to tell them about TAMMS.  We didn't want any other future or current Marine Moms to feel they had to endure these worry some times alone.  TAMMS has had the honor of being Guest Speakers at each of the Marine Poolie Family Day events since then.

    TAMMS membership comes from the same communities assigned to the Tucson Marine Recruiters.

    We have grown from five Marine Moms to several honorary Associate members to a few Associate members like grandmothers and Aunts, Poolie Moms who become Recruit Moms as soon as their son/daughter start boot camp to Marine Moms.  We have over 90 local members and a few out of state members.

    Our membership fee is paid at every meeting by giving and receiving as many hugs of support as possible.  In other words we have no monetary membership fees.

    We have lots of on going projects that keep us busy and support Veterans, Injured Warriors and today's troops.

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TAMMS Mission

    We are U. S. Marine Moms whose primary purpose is to provide emotional support and share information through training, active duty and deployments with Mothers of Marines who reside in Tucson, AZ., and the surrounding areas.

Fallen Hero's Funerals

The greater Tucson area is very fortunate in having so few military funerals since March of 2003.  We attend these funerals or memorial services and volunteer to help in any way we can. In some cases, we have helped with the reception and presented a "Gold Star Mothers Flag" to the Mother of the fallen hero, but we are always there to offer our support to the families of the hero.


When any of our Marines return home or depart through the Tucson International Airport, whether they are returning to their duty stations or preparing to be deployed, we are there with flags and signs showing our appreciation. We want them to remember the positive support they have at home.

Osprey Memorial

On April 8, 2000, 19 Marines were killed at the Marana Airport while landing their Osprey helicopter. Each year a memorial service is held there on the Saturday closest to April 8 so these brave men will be forever remembered.  This is the only memorial site that honors all 19 Marines.  The site at Camp Pendleton honors the 14 Marines that were stationed there and the site at Camp Lejeune honors their 5 Marines.

This is a very memorable event with lots of American flags and Marine flags flying, Color Guard, Honor Guard, prayers, speakers, reading of the rank and name of each of the 19 Marines and the releasing of 19 white doves.

TAMMS has been involved by escorting some of the families from their hotels to the memorial, reading the names of the fallen, presenting flowers to each Osprey Mother in attendance, and generally being supportive to the families.


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