Take comfort in KNOWING that we are the best military force in the world.

  • Our military leaders are exceptional

  • Our enlisted folks are the finest

  • Their instincts and training will serve them well

Our role in all this is seemingly simple, but not so. We have to stay put and watch it unfold; so, when they call, and they will, put on that brave facade and let them know how much they are loved, how proud we are of them, and express our confidence in their abilities and those of the Corps.

These words will sustain our Marines and boost their fighters’ spirit.

Thank You...

I joined the Marine Mom group two years after my Marine reservist son’s return from Iraq. From the first day I met with them I knew I would be OK from here on out as I finally had some friends who knew exactly how I felt having a son in the Marines. How I wished this group was formed before he went to Iraq. Everyone in the group, especially our leader, Marine Mom Beverly Kay, was so supportive. They listened to my fears, joys, insecurities, and pride.

Throughout my time with this group I have participated in numerous fundraising events, box packing parties to send our troops snacks and hygiene supplies, volunteer time at the VA Hospital bingo night, the Osprey Memorial Service, and have enjoyed lots of friendly conversation at the group luncheons.

Never again will I have to be fearful of being alone and not having any friends or family around to support me if my son has to go back to Iraq. Never again will I have to face the anxiety alone for I know this strong caring group of women have my back and will always be there for me whenever I will need them.

I encourage you to join this wonderful group of TAMMs, Tucson Area Marine Moms!

Semper Fi,

Marine Mom Julie


I’d like to thank everyone who has sent letters of encouragement over the last few years. It is people like y’all who make our jobs that much easier; because every little bit helps. WE ARE THE GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD AND IT’S BECAUSE OF SUPPORTERS LIKE YOU.

Thank you very much and God bless.

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